Bellows Type Dismantling Joint

Bellows type dismantling joint


Why should a Bellows Type Dismantling joint be inserted in the Pipeline system?

The Flexpert Bellow type Dismantling Joints are designed to enable mounting and dismantling of valves from pipelines. They are double flanged fittings that can accept up to 100mm (4″) of longitudinal adjustment, with  the tie bars supplied to lock at the desired length. In addition the bellow dismantling joints provide compression for joints to facilitate installation and dismantling procedures, the bellow compensates for axial movements of the pipe.

The standard longitudinal adjustability of ±25mm makes it the ideal solution for all standard and non-standard applications, and these dismantling joint bellows offer perfect support when installing and removing valves by compressing the expansion joint in the moment of fitting or removing. To assist in the absorption of pressure thrust forces brought about by the internal pressure of pipelines, restrain screws are provided for the highly rigid flanged equipment.

 The dismantling joints are used in order to mount and dismantle valves from the pipeline. The bellow allows the compression of the joints, facilitating installation or dismantling procedures, compensating axial movements of the pipe. The joint must be compressed before installation. The bellow dismantling joints can be installed above or underground, in chambers and generally speaking in plants during operations. The bellow is made in stainless steel AISI 304/316, tie rods and bolts are in carbon steel/ stainless steel AISI 304, flanges in zinc coated steel. Connection stud bolts are not included.

Various Types of Bellow Dismantling Joints

Bellows type dismantling joint

What is the Material used for Dismantling bellow joints?

The range of dismantling joints is available both with flanged and welded terminals and with a diameter from DN 40 to DN 3500, and rated pressure from PN 2.5 to PN 64. Although larger sizes and custom made Dismantling Joints can be designed and built on request.

You can choose from several versions of the dismantling joints such as: AISI 316L metal  AISI304, 316, 316L Stainless steel flanges with special coating cycles. Custom tie rods that fit the flange profile.

What is the Size range of a Bellow Type Dismantling joints?

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Product Description


  • Flexpert Dismantling Joints are ideal for simplifying the installation and removal of isolation valves, Control valves, check valves, non-return valves, and flow metering Valves, pump sets, pressure reducing valves, flanged pipe and fittings.
  • Designed and manufactured as per EJMA standards and tested to the most exacting requirements of the clients and their projects.
  • The simplicity and versatility of the fittings make them Suitable for many applications including pumping stations, Water treatment works, sewage treatment works, Plant rooms, meter chambers, power generation equipment, and Gas distribution stations.


  • Aanchor points or pressure bearing tie rods must be used.
  • The dismantling tie rod nuts must be loose in order to allow the joint to absorb any resultant thermal movements or ground subsidence.
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