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Steam Expansion Joints - Flexpert Bellows - Flexpert Bellows Applications

Pipe Expansion Joint

Piping Expansion Joint for Steam Application

Our thermal Piping Expansion Joints find applications in almost all core sector Industries including Steel, Cement, Sugar, Power Generation, Petrochemical, Paper, Shipping, Rubber, Chemical, Metal Refining, Aerospace, Heat recovery and Nuclear Power Industries. Some of our Clients who trust us for their regular requirements of steam Piping Expansion Joints are listed below. Apart from those listed below we have many more international engineering project consultants approaching us for consultation for their requirements of Piping Expansion Joints.

Piping Expansion Joints Applications Sector Wise

Petro Chemical / Refinery Market

  • FCC Regenerator Piping
  • CCR Piping
  • Energy (Heat) Recovery Train
  • Expander Turbine Inlet & Outlet Connections
  • Other

Chemical Processing

  • Pumps
  • Scrubber Piping
  • Carbon Black Processing
  • Combustion Air Preheater (CAPS)
  • Caustic Media Processing
  • Resins Process Piping
  • Product Transfer Piping

Special Product Applications

  • Hazardous Material Incineration
  • Rocket and Jet Engine Aerothermal Test Facility Piping expansion joints
  • Radioactive Waste Disposal Piping
  • Vacuum and Cryogenic Piping (jacketed piping)
  • Accelerator Test Facilities, Superconductivity and Many Others

Pulp and Paper

  • Digester Piping Expansion Joints
  • Process Liquor Lines
  • Recovery Boiler Piping Expansion Joints
  • Power Plant Piping
  • Machine Drying System Piping
  • Evaporator Pipe Expansion joint
  • Feedstock Pipe Expansion joint

OEM Engine

  • Diesel Engine Exhaust expansion joints
  • Natural Gas Engine Exhaust bellows joint
  • Air Inlet and Exhaust Manifold and Component Assemblies

Measurement and Control System

  • In manometers and automatic control instruments
  • In thermostats
  • In flow control instruments
  • In high pressure valves

Ship Buliding and Repair

  • Propulsion Exhaust System Piping
  • Bulkhead Seals
  • Auxiliary System Piping Expansion Joints
  • Cargo Vessel / Barge Product Transfer Piping


  • Safety Relief Valve Vent Piping
  • District Heating Steam/Hot Water Piping
  • Chilled Water pipe expansion joints
  • Pumps / Boiler Connections

Fuel Cell Power Systems

  • Anode and Cathode Piping
  • Hydrogen Fuel and Exhaust Piping
  • Balance of Plant

Electrical Distribution Market

  • SF6 Switchgear bellows joint for isolation
  • Vacuum Breakers

Vacuum and High Vacuum Technology

  • Flexible connectors of vacuum components
  • Spindle sealing in vacuum valves.

General Engineering

  • Bellows assembly replaces gland seal for maintenance-free tightness of the spindle in valves

High Voltage Switch-gear and Electrical Industries

  • Vacuum and pressure-proof shielding of conducting elements against atmosphere

Volume/Pressure Compensation

  • To accomodate volume/ pressure variations in hermetically sealed vessels

Industrial Gases

  • Air Separation Compressor
  • Cold Box Piping

Oil and Gas Distribution

  • Transmission Compressor Stations
  • Platform Process Systems

Weight Technology

  • For the sealing and protection of electronic modules in weighing scales

Bellows Used as Couplings

  • For torque transmission in propulsion and positioning units

Heat Exchanger

  • Sect VIII Shell & Tube Bellows

Solar Technology

  • For stress-free coupling of modules in solar panels and solar energy plants

Slip Ring Seal Fitting

  • As spring element for the sealing of rotating parts

Shaft Seals

  • For the sealing of rotating shafts and spindles (stirrers)
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