How Flexible Pipe Connectors Role in Applications?

How Flexible Pipe Connectors Role in Applications?

Flexible pipe connectors are used to join a pump to a pipe, and at this junction a great many problems can occur unless there is a flexible pipe connector in place to deal with them. At this critical junction, there can be pipe misalignment, thermal expansion and other problems that lead to seal leakage, coupling problems, and bearing problems. The proper pump connector will also isolate the pump vibration, which can build up and be extremely harmful if not managed by a good connector.

Underlying all these problems is the fact that the nozzle load needs to be handled so as to reduce pressure at this single point, and that’s where a flexible pump connector comes in. To diffuse the pressure at the junction of pump and pipe, there are four main kinds of pump connector available, and each serves as a good solution for particular types of situations.

Rubber connectors perform much like expansion joints and are excellent for absorbing noise and absorbing vibration, but are not the best choice for use with chemicals or in high temperature applications. Braided hose connectors are excellent for use in high temperature applications and they have a much longer life expectancy than rubber pump connectors. They are also available with any type of fittings which makes them very flexible in terms of where they can be used.

Metal bellows pump connectors handle thermal expansion and high temperature applications very well as well as high pressure situations, and they are ideal for use with most chemicals other than those that are extremely corrosive. PTFE connectors can handle even the most corrosive chemicals and generally have the longest life span of any pump connectors, although they tend to be expensive.

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