Exhaust Bellows Expansion Joints

Absorbs thermal growth in piping and provides protection to adjacent piping and equipments. Provides compensation and misalignments and elements stress. Absorbs engine vibration in exhaust manifold.


Engine / Exhaust Bellows Expansion joints

Exhaust bellows expansion joints  are installed very close to the engines and are subjected to severe conditions of temperature,movements and vibrations.The design of exhaust bellow expansion joints requires a thorough expertise  due to the challenging demands on them like.

  • High temperatures in manifold area , more than 400 deg C
  • Absorption of high thermal expansion and severe vibrations.
  • Temperature peaks according to engine output.
  • Compact overall dimensions due to space restrictions.
  • Easy dismantling and assembly to avoid engine down-time.


400 Nb Double Universal Expansion Joints for Diesel Engine Exhaust Gas

Double Exhaust Bellows for Wartsila* Diesel Engine Exhaust Lines

Single Exhaust Bellows for Wartsila* Diesel Engine Exhaust

Lube Oil/cooling Water Pipelines (wartsila* Diesel Engines)

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Product Description


  • Absorbs angular movements in only one plane.
  • Eliminates pressure thrust loads.
  • Positive control over the movements.
  • Can support the dead weight of the intermediate piping.
  • Prevents torsion on the bellows elements.
  • Minimum guiding required.
  • Eliminates main anchors.
  • Low forces on piping system and adjacent equipments.


  • More space required for Hinged Bellows as compared to Axial Expansion Joints.
  • Change of pipe direction is required.
  • Two or more hinged expansion joints are required to work as a system.
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