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THE QUALITY LEADER On global scale Incorporated by a team of technocrats, FLEXPERT BELLOWS PRIVATE LIMITED in a short span has established itself as a reputed manufacturer and exporter of flexible piping products including metal bellows, expansion joints and hoses of metal, fabric and rubber. The objective of the company has been to produce high quality products at competitive rates, which has been achieved through a thorough partnership with our clients. Our skilled staff specializes in piping technology and has an in-depth understanding of critical nature of the applications.

Our extensive background in the design, engineering and production of metal bellows, expansion joints, fabric and rubber joints, compensators and hoses enables us in meeting the specific application demand exactly. For more than a decade the name FLEXPERT has meant quality, state of the art technology and customer satisfaction. FLEXPERT has earned a reputation as the quality leader in a very competitive marketplace, by maintaining the highest quality standards for over a decade.

Remaining dedicated to its original goal, FLEXPERT continues to build up on and enhance this reputation by providing only the finest quality flexible piping products. Our commitment to quality starts at the quotation stage. All expansion joints and hoses are computer designed using the software developed by our engineers. Our designs have been rigorously tested in our in-house testing facilities and have been complimented by extensive field results.

CHALLENGING APPLICATIONS where sky is the limit When it comes to the applications of FLEXPERT expansion joints, only sky is the limit up till now as our expansion joints are being used right from underground pipelines to critical space programs. FLEXPERT expansion joints contain the pressure yet maintaining the flexibility required by the specific application. A careful analysis of the flexible behavior under pressurized condition is done to reach the optimum design that results in lowering overall system cost by allowing more compact piping arrangements. We have got the expertise to design and manufacture expansion joints right from cryogenic applications to high temperature applications, from vacuum to high pressure applications, from
highly sensible sensor bellows to high displacement joints, from ducting expansion joints to highly critical expansion joints required for nuclear and space applications.

Some of the wide range of applications includes:

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